[vtkusers] Moving the mouse on the vtkRenderWindow -- straightening out an object

Amy Squillacote ahs at cfdrc.com
Fri Nov 7 11:25:37 EST 2008

Hi Bill,

Have you tried using the TrackballCamera interactor style instead of the 
JoystickCamera one? You set the interactor style on the 
vtkRenderWindowInteractor. See 
and http://www.vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkRenderWindowInteractor.html.

- Amy

William E. Lucarell wrote:
> -->
> We have a vtkRenderWindow in Visual C# .NET. When moving the mouse, 
> the object rotates, and the farther away you are from where you 
> initially click the mouse, it rotates faster. What we want to do is 
> straighten out the object by moving the mouse. That is, let’s say we 
> want to rotate it 15 units to the right and 15 units down. We want to 
> click the mouse and move it 15 units to the right to rotate 15 units 
> right and click the mouse and move it 15 units down to rotate 15 units 
> down. We don’t want to speed up rotation. Thanks!
> */Bill Lucarell/*
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