vtkusers Digest, Vol 46, [vtkusers] Is there any alternative to vtkDelanuay3D to connect points of only surface area of a mesh? (Frederic DANESI)

Sergios Goudanis sergiosgoudanis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 03:25:06 EST 2008

A good solution not general however is to transform your 3D data to 2D by a
geometrical transformation - apply vtkDelaunay 2D which is fast and robust
and then transform again the result to 3D.

E.g. Points in a surface of a cylinder. You can map the points in a 2D
surface (Distance, Height from a starting point)
then 2D triangulation will result to 2D cells (triangles or 4sided

Copy the original points in a new grid, copy the cells from the 2D
triangulation (remember that you can do that because the indexes of the
points in the 3D and the transformed dataset are the same) and construct a
new 3D dataset which has cells only to the cylindrical surface.

The choice of the transformation will be different in a case by case basis.
We usually transform to a plane with good results.
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