[vtkusers] Is there any alternative to vtkDelanuay3D to connect points of only surface area of a mesh?

Iryna Pavlyshak iryna at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Feb 26 15:00:59 EST 2008

>> Hey,
> If you need to construct only a surface, try vtkDelanuay2D. I used it for
> creating 3D surface. I believe vtkDelanuay3D constructs trihedrons  form
> 3D points, and not triangles,
> iryna
> Hi,
>> I am trying examples about vtkDelanuay3D. I saw that this function is 
>> getting all points connected to eachother as triangles, and construct a
>>  surface from outside points. But I want "only outside points" get 
>> connected to eachother and construct only a surface. So the object,
>> that is constructed from points, would have a gap inside. For example,
>> like a bowl. Is there anyone knows an alternative function to
>> vtkDelanuay3D?
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