[vtkusers] Opacity problems

Francois Bertel francois.bertel at kitware.com
Tue Feb 26 14:38:37 EST 2008

What's your graphic cards?

Daniel Cabrini Hauagge wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm relatively new to VTK so please pardon my ignorance. I'm trying to
> setup a scene using various overlapping quads with varying
> transparency (opacity is determined by the dot product of the plane
> normal with the camera's view plane normal). I think my setup is
> correct but I'm having trouble with how the transparent quads are
> rendered. I've seen many messages in the mailing list complaining
> about similar problems and tried the depth peeling technique in the
> wiki but didn't get the correct results.
> Here are the results I've obtained
> http://www.liv.ic.unicamp.br/~hauagge/vtk_opacity_trouble.pdf
> and here is an example program that illustrates the problem
> http://www.liv.ic.unicamp.br/~hauagge/test09_transparencyFromCamera.py
> I'd appreciate any help,

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