[vtkusers] Material microstructure modeling

Roman Putanowicz putanowr at l5.pk.edu.pl
Fri Feb 8 00:13:20 EST 2008

Hi All,

Maybe someone of you have experience with the following problem:
I need to build 3D models of material microstructures having
a series of 2D microstructure images. The resulting 3D models
will be subsequently meshed to allow direct analysis of
microstructure mechanical properties using FEM.

Could you please point me to any software solutions (either commercial
or free) to the above issue?

Thank you in advance.


Roman Putanowicz  < putanowr at l5.pk.edu.pl  >
Institute for Computational Civil Engng (L-5)
Dept. of Civil Engng, Cracow Univ. of Technology
www.l5.pk.edu.pl, tel. +48 12 628 2569, fax 2034

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