[vtkusers] VTK build run test fail, please help...

phy0 ky6w phy0ky6w at msn.com
Thu Feb 7 22:01:45 EST 2008

Thank you, Amy. As you said, I could find all VTK-related executables in 
C:/vtkbin/bin/Debug folder. So I think the problem lies in the directory-defined.
Since I build from source code configured by CMake, I still have no idea 
how to solve the problem. (I configured with BUILD_TESTING=ON.) 
I have added in CMakeCache.txt, Visual C++ build message,
Test.xml from C:\vtkbin\Examples\Testing\ and list of exe files in 
C:\vtkbin\bin\Debug for reference.
Visual C++ build message
Test.xml from C:\vtkbin\Examples\Testing\
list of exe files in C:\vtkbin\bin\Debug
RUN_TESTS.plg file from C:\vtkbin\
Your help would be gladly appreciated.
Thank you, all.
Best regards
Phyo Kyaw

> Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 08:16:19 -0600> From: ahs at cfdrc.com> To: phy0ky6w at msn.com> CC: vtkusers at vtk.org> Subject: Re: [vtkusers] VTK build run test fail, please help...> > Hi Phyo,> > The first link you sent (the one showing all the errors) seems to > indicate that you're trying to run testing, but the VTK-related > executables required to do that have not been compiled. Did you build > VTK before trying to run it's tests? If you downloaded the Windows > installer, you will only be able to use VTK from Tcl. If you downloaded > VTK source code, you must compile it before you can do anything with it.> > If you built VTK from the source code, did you compile it in Release or > Debug mode? If you compiled it in Release mode, then the executables you > built would be in your C:/vtkbin/bin/Release directory rather than in > C:/vtkbin/bin/Debug. If you compiled it in Release mode, then you should > be running the tests in that mode as well.> > - Amy> > phy0 ky6w wrote:> > > > Hi everyone..> > > > I am new to VTK. I have been trying to install it since two weeks ago > > but still unsuccessful.> > I have CMake 2.2.3 and TCl on my Windows XP and build > > VTK-5.0.4 with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.> > > > This following link is RUN_TESTS.plg file from C:\vtkbin\.> > http://edventure.ntu.edu.sg/bbcswebdav/users/saip0002/project/RUN_TESTS.plg> > > > Task Manager> > http://edventure.ntu.edu.sg/bbcswebdav/users/saip0002/project/msvc-build-err.JPG> > > > Your help would be gladly appreciated...> > > > Thank you.> > > > Best regards> > Phyo Kyaw> > > >> >> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------> > She said what? About who? Shameful celebrity quotes on Search Star! > > <http://www.msnsearchstar.com>> > ------------------------------------------------------------------------> >> > _______________________________________________> > This is the private VTK discussion list. > > Please keep messages on-topic. Check the FAQ at: http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VTK_FAQ> > Follow this link to subscribe/unsubscribe:> > http://www.vtk.org/mailman/listinfo/vtkusers> > > > -- > Amy Squillacote Phone: (256) 726-4839> Computer Scientist Fax: (256) 726-4806> CDF Research Corporation Web: http://www.cfdrc.com> 215 Wynn Drive, Suite 501> Huntsville, AL 35805> > 
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