[vtkusers] Problems trying to remove observers

代亮 dailiangde at 163.com
Sat Feb 2 00:44:07 EST 2008

Hi,  jspinola,
  I saw your message in vtk user list :Problems trying to remove observers. I have the same problem, can you help me to solve it? Thank you.


I want to remove the observers on the window level events on the
vtkImageViewer2 class. First I've got the intercator with the
GetInteractorStyle() method and then call RemoveObserver() eg

vtkImageViewer2 *viewer = vtkImageViewer2::New();
if( viewer->GetInteractorStyle()->HasObserver(
vtkCommand::StartWindowLevelEvent )
vtkCommand::StartWindowLevelEvent )

but with no success... what I'm doing wrong?

A second question i have is: is it possible to get the vtkCommand from
vtkImageViewer, remove it or disable it for a while and then add it or
enable it again later ? If yes, what's the suitable way to do it



Dai Liang 
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