[vtkusers] Problem at compiling "VTK with Java" process

Alexandre Manoel dos Santos alexandre.manoel.dos.santos at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 08:13:14 EST 2008


i wanna use VTK facilities with java...

I can't finish de compiling 'VTK with Java' process...
it is interrupted at 41%, by MinGW compiler using the command
"mingw32-make", with the following message:

"...conflicting types for boolean..." in ...\utilities\vtkjpeg\jmorecfg.h
in include <jpeglib.h> directive in files like:
                               ...\utilities\vtk_jpeg.h :43
                               ...\utilities\vtktiff\tiff_jpeg.c : 54

and "previous declaration for booelan was here..." message about de MinGW
"boolean" type (see the attached picture)

i had tried nearly everything to complete this process with MinGW compiler.
The CMAKE was successfull...
but, until now.  "nothing" is at my hands...
//=== this is a pçiece of code copied from...\utilities\vtkjpeg\jmorecfg.h:

/* Defining HAVE_BOOLEAN before including jpeglib.h should make it work. */

typedef int boolean;
#ifndef FALSE                   /* in case these macros already exist */
#define FALSE   0               /* values of boolean */
#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE    1

Can you have some idea about how to solve it?

Thanks, in advance...
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