[vtkusers] MultiGroupDataSet to PolyData Filter

Ross Eldridge ross.eldridge at kitware.com
Tue Jul 31 14:08:51 EDT 2007

Hey Mark,

Assuming that your vtkMultiGroupDataSet's sub-datasets are also of type 
vtkPolyData, you should be able to individually assign each sub-dataset 
in the vtkMultiGroupDataSet to the multiple inputs of a 
vtkAppendPolyData filter, which would then append them all to a single 
vtkPolyData output.

If your sub-datasets are not currently of type vtkPolyData (but of some 
other subclass of vtkDataSet), I would suggest trying a vtkAppendFilter 
with an output of a vtkUnstructuredGrid instead.


Mark Dewey wrote:
> I'm trying to combine a MultiGroupDataSet (as output from a filter) 
> into one PolyData so I can output it to a single file.  Is there a 
> filter or combination of filters that can accomplish this?
> Mark Dewey
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