[vtkusers] VTKit for VTK5.X??

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido marf at ctm.ulpgc.es
Tue Jul 31 07:29:00 EDT 2007

	Dear friends,

	I've used before the nice VTKit application developed by Goodwin Lawlor


	for one of our Tcl-VTK applications, and we haven't had any problem.
	However, I've tried it (version 4.5.7 that I downloaded from the site
above) with the example ImagePlaneWidget.tcl, but the .exe file exploits
without messages when I use the DicomReader instead Volume16Reader,
while the .tcl code lunched as a tcl-vtk application works perfectly (I
have vtk5 and its DicomReader version).

	I've debuged the code running this example in the VTKit shell, and I've
discovered that it exploits when the vtkRenderWindowInteractor is
assigned to the second vtkImagePlaneWidget (planeWidget SetInteractor
iren). Then, I've commented-off the next two planeWidgets, and it runs,
but when I'm going to interact with the vtkPlaneWidget, it exploits
again. I mean, I can interact with the scene (rotate, etc), but when I
press the center bottom to move the plane, it exploits without messages.
These random processes were worried me when I tried to test the
DicomReader, and I've discovered that the version of DicomReader that is
in the VTKit-4.5.7 is not working well, and produce this kind of random

	So, finally, I think that I need a more recent version of the VTKit
(4.5.7 was built under cvs:VTK on the 27th July 2005), and I would like
a VTKit built for VTK5.X. I've looked for in google and Goodwin's page
but I've found anything. Do you know if there is a VTKit for VTK5.X?. I
know that Goodwin update his version of vtkBioeng to VTK5.X., but I
don't know if he did it for VTKit.
	Thanks in advance, and sorry for my discussion for a question. I needed
to talk to somebody :-)
Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido
Center for Technology in Medicine-ULPGC-Gran Canaria-CanaryIslands,Spain
Tfnos:+34 928 451253, +34 928 452956 - Fax:+34 928 451243

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