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Renato N. Elias rnelias at nacad.ufrj.br
Mon Jul 30 14:19:52 EDT 2007

Hi David, 
I'm not sure if it would help you but here in my lab we have implemented a
very simple program to convert our Ensight files to the VTK/XML based
formats. I've put the program available here
http://www.nacad.ufrj.br/~rnelias/paraview/ens2vtk-rev0.zip. It is a very
naive program and was not sufficiently tested yet but it worked fine with
our preliminary tests. Feel free to contact us or send any improvements,
bugs, fix, etc..
You'll need VTK library to compile it and cmake can help you to build the
compilation environments


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David Neckels wrote: 

	Hi Ken,
	Thank you for the response.
	It sounds like I may need to write a *.vtk output filter; maybe a
converter from exodus->*vtk.
	I know when I worked with Sierra (at Sandia) we would write a new
file each time the mesh adapted(file.e, file-s0002.e, file-s0003.e, ...);
the ensight8 tool automatically would read the suite of files and automate
stepping through the time steps in each file and switching to the next file,
	I will try the *vtk approach for now, however...
	David N.
	Moreland, Kenneth wrote: 

		You are using the exodus format in a way that it was not
		intended, and its confusing ParaView.  The exodus format has
the concept
		of time built into it, and ParaView uses that mechanism to
support time.
		In addition, it is common for a large parallel simulation to
dump out
		multiple files, each with a spatial partition of the data.
		ParaView will assume that your multiple files partition
space and not
		time.  It will read in the geometry of all the files at
		Your best bet is to either combine the files into a single
using exodus'
		built concept of time or to convert the files into a
different format.

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			I have a sequence of exodus files, each of which has
a single time


			of a mesh in a different refinement state.
			I wish to view these files as an animation, so I
have named them:
			I was hoping that I could load the first file into
paraview and that
			animation would be automatic.  This was the way
paraview works with


			files, anyhow:
			file_001.vtk, etc...
			Do I have to make sure the time step variable in the
exodus files has


			certain sequence, or something like this??
			-David N.
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	David Neckels, PhD
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David Neckels, PhD
NCAR, Boulder CO
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