[vtkusers] Sharing VTK Objects across Processes

Eric J. Bowden Jr. ebowden at dri.edu
Mon Jul 30 13:53:05 EDT 2007

Since most of the vtk class constructors are placed under house arrest 
(i.e. protected), thus forcing the use of the static New(), is there a 
way to allocate vtk objects in some shared memory space without the use 
of a "placement new" (unless there is a static placement new equivalent 
I'm not seeing)?  For example, if I wanted to share a vtkSphereSource 
across processes.  The point being, the virtual reality library I am 
using (FreeVR) spawns multiple processes via fork (one for each screen + 
more for stereo), and so the vtk pipeline needs to be shared across all 
of the processes.  I'm kinda new to sharing memory across processes so 
my first idea (placement new) may not have been the best.  Any thoughts 
or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Eric J. Bowden

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