[vtkusers] vtkDICOMImageReader results,..

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido marf at itccanarias.org
Fri Jul 27 08:20:37 EDT 2007

	Dear friends,
	Today is the first time that I have used the vtkDICOMReader, however
the results are not apparently good.

	First I have used the vtkDICOMImageReader directly:

vtkDICOMImageReader v16
    v16 SetDirectoryName <path to data>

	In this directory I have files following the pattern: DCT00*.dcm, but I
got the result that you can see in the attached figure. I'm using
vtkImagePlaneWidget and I can see data in 3D but with the same aspect,
while the greyscale values seem good if I check it with a picker on the

	First, I thought that vtkDicomReader is not getting well the image
parameters, although the grayscale values and dimensions were apparently
well. So, I force the parameters:

    v16 SetDataSpacing 0.206 0.206 0.206
    v16 SetDataOrigin 0 0 0.206
    v16 SetDataExtent 0 608 0 608 0 320
    v16 SetDataScalarTypeToShort
    v16 SetDataByteOrderToLittleEndian
but I'm getting the same bad result.

	I don't have previous experience with the DicomReader. I can read and
see it well under ITKReader, but not under VTK. I've tried to read
different dicom datasets, and read the documentation but I got the same

	Do I do something wrong?.
	Is there any detail that I've to take in account?.
	In general, any idea?.

	Thank you very much in advance.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Florido
Center for Technology in Medicine-ULPGC-Gran Canaria-CanaryIslands,Spain
Tfnos:+34 928 451253, +34 928 452956 - Fax:+34 928 451243

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