[vtkusers] About some design features of the vtkCamera class not commented in the VTK books

Kent Eschenberg eschenbe at psc.edu
Wed Jul 25 16:05:19 EDT 2007


Why not just read the code? That would provide the most reliable and complete 


jsl wrote:
> Hi,
>  I've bought both VTK's books but I didn't found any explanation about
> some important design aspects of the vtkCamera model considered
> in VTK.
> I need to know how vtkCamera class implements some theoretic notions
> of general camera models. In particular:
> Where is placed or how could I fix a given center of projection?
> Where is located the view plane? In front of or behind the center of
> projection?
> When the focal distance is changed, Does also the angle of view 
> automaticaly
> change?
> Any additional information about this issue will be greatly appreciated.
> Kind regards.
>   Jose.

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