[vtkusers] VTK and Qt Build

Alvaro Castro Castilla alvaro at nextlimit.com
Tue Jul 24 07:16:35 EDT 2007


I had the same problem...

As the only thing you need is a couple of cxx & h files, just take them
and copy them to your project, including and linking the rest of the VTK
library as normally. Go to the GUIsupport->qt folder and take the files
(but the qt3 one). Forget that Cmake option...

Maybe is not solving it in a clean way, but for me it worked.

Good luck!


> Dear VTK Users
>     I'd like to use Qt 4 GUI support for VTK. In order to this I set the
> following required options in CMake configuration as
> and
> But after the pressing the configure button,  VTK_USE_QVTK option returns
> to
> its default value OFF when it's finished configuration checking though
> CMake
> doesn't return any error or warning about the availability of Qt library.
> I'd be grateful to anyone who help me resolve this issue.
>     Sincerely
>     Cem DEMiRKIR
> My Configuration is for build as follows:
> OS : WinXP SP2
> Compiler and IDE : VS2005 VC8.0
> CMake Version : 2.4.7
> Qt : 4.2.2 integrated with VS2005
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