[vtkusers] Re : How to create a set of "fixed" 3d axes.

Raashid Baig raashid.b at rediffmail.com
Sun Jul 22 14:48:46 EDT 2007

My answer might not be very relevant but what you are suggested is already implemented through ivtk a tools available with tvtk.

See more details about tvtk at :

>>Hi everybody,

>>As I already posted, I'm using VTK to develop a visualization and 3D
>>editing software, and I would like to add a nice feature that I found
>>in other similar software. That is, I'd like to show a set of 3D axes
>>in a fixed position of the display; their purpose it's just to show
>>the xyz directions while the user explores the scene.

>>I tried to implement a MouseMove observer that updates the scale and
>>positon in real time, but the result is not as good as I wish. I also
>>searched a lot in this list, but found nothing useful for my >>purposes.

>>Is there someone who can kindly suggest me a feasible way to achieve
>>this result?

>>Tkanks in advance.

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