[vtkusers] Implementation of cells

lcosta at lncc.br lcosta at lncc.br
Thu Jul 19 12:05:21 EDT 2007


I am starting with the VTK, and am
searching information on the model that I want to create something well
simple, as a cell and to simulate the behavior of the same one as
reactions and transports of nutrients, somebody would have contact with
something thus or could help me? 

Yours truly;
Luís César da Costa
B.Sci. in Computer Science 
Coord. Computer Science - CCC
National Laboratory from Computing Scientific - NLCS
Getúlio Vargas, 333, Quitandinha, Petrópolis - RJ
-55 (24) 2233-6267
Fax: -55 (24) 2233-6071
lcosta at lncc.br
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