[vtkusers] vtkVisibleCellSelector performance

Lim, Theodore T.Lim at hw.ac.uk
Mon Jul 16 10:46:29 EDT 2007

Hi Dave,
I updated my CVS edition last Friday (13/07/07), so the version that was facing performance issues was 1.20. my OS is WinXP Pro, Ver. 2002 SP2.0, processor is Intel Xeon 3.2 Ghz.
I've just downloaded the vtkVisibleCellSelector (v 1.15, cvs date: Mar 27) along with vtkSelection (v 1.10, cvs date: Mar 31), vtkExtractSelection (v 1.15, cvs date: Apr 2), vtkExtractSelectedIds (v, cvs date: May 9) and vtkKdTreeSelector (v 1.3, cvs date: Apr 16). 
These files were used to replaced the current CVS version to complete the compilation.
I've tested the new libraries and they work alot faster although it is still not as fast as the previous edition i was using. Unfortunately, i do not have the old version anymore and i'm not sure which associated files have been altered. 
The version that was extremely fast was the CVS edition downloaded on March 24, 2007.


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What version of VTK/Graphics/vtkVisibleCellSelector.cxx do you have?

I added logic on July 9th (rev 1.17) to make it possible to return the selected vertices of each selected cell. We noticed that was causing a significant slowdown so on July 16th (rev 1.20) I committed a change that fixed the slowdown - or so I thought.

If you are using rev 1.20, let me know what OS you are using and I'll take a look.

Dave DeMarle

On 7/16/07, Lim, Theodore <T.Lim at hw.ac.uk> wrote: 

	I am facing performance issues when using the latest CVS version of vtkVisibleCellSelector. I have not changed any of my own code and also in the test example, the speed of the CVS version is very slow. The vtk provided test example used to be blazingly fast, but now it takes more than twice the time.
	The problem seems to in the function - ComputeSelectedIds().
	Any ideas?

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