[vtkusers] Window maximization while big model loaded.

Vladimir Lazunin lazunin.v.aa at m.titech.ac.jp
Sun Jul 8 05:50:18 EDT 2007

I've checked some more, and the problem also appears in C++ applications  
as well as Python ones.
So the problem is not with Python.
Also, if I maximize an empty window, then open a big model - it's ok, I  
can restore, resize, maximize again - no problem.

On Sat, 07 Jul 2007 01:43:06 +0900, Vladimir Lazunin  
<lazunin.v.aa at m.titech.ac.jp> wrote:

> I use VTK 5.0.3 with Python on Windows XP. I open a relatively big  
> polydata (~60 MB ascii .vtk). It opens ok in default size VTK rendering  
> window. If I resize the window slowly, it's ok. However, if I maximize  
> it, then the model doesn't get scaled appropriately, but disappears from  
> the view. If I press a mouse button and move the mouse, it moves not so  
> smoothly, as if I really still interact with that big model, however  
> invisible. If i restore the previous window size, the program usually  
> stops reacting.
> What is the problem with resizing VTK window and how, if at all, it's  
> possible to avoid it?
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