[vtkusers] python example for defining a PolyData object

Jeff wjtriffo at lbl.gov
Fri Jul 6 12:17:25 EDT 2007


I have just begun using VTK and have (what I believe to be) a simple 
question regarding PolyData.

I'm currently using a python visualization package (UCSF Chimera) that 
has surface objects defined by vertices and their connectivity 
(triangular mesh). I'd like to represent that data as a PolyData object, 
and save that object as a .vtk file to use in another program.

This seems like a pretty simple thing to do / get my feet wet; is there 
an example out there for defining PolyData attributes like vertices/etc 
using python? I googled around a bit but did not find one; I am new at 
python, too, which would make a python example more valuable. This seems 
like it should be very few lines of code, just looping through the 
vertices and connectivity of my Chimera object, and transferring them to 
a vtkPolyData.



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