[vtkusers] vtkCommand mouse doubleclick

Marc Cotran marc at cotran.ca
Thu Jul 5 11:51:22 EDT 2007

Hi Kang Jin,

You can create a subclass of vtkInteractorStyle and reimplement the 
mouse events in the following way (I have not tried this, but it should 

    * create an int member variable called mouseMoves in the interactor
      and initialize it to 0
    * create another int variable called leftClicks and initialize it to
      0 as well
    * in OnLeftButtonDown(),  if mouseMoves > 0, set mouseMoves = 0
    * in OnMouseMove(), mouseMoves++;
    * in OnLeftButtonUp(), if mouseMoves == 0, increment leftClicks
    * then in the same method, check if leftClicks == 2 (double click),
      if so, you have captured a double click

You may want to allow more than 0 mouse moves (like 5 or so) because 
people tend to move the mouse slightly as they double click. You may 
also want to create your own event (LeftDoubleClickEvent) and invoke it 
at the appropriate time.



kang jin wrote:
> Hi.everybody.
> I don't know how can I use mouse double click event on VTK application.
> For example,there is no the mouse double click event in vtkCommand event.
>  Development environment of my program is visualstudio 2005(MFC).
> Please help me
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