[vtkusers] RE: RE: VTK-Borland Render Window

Osc@r olguna at cimat.mx
Mon Jul 2 06:43:44 EDT 2007

Hi Dean,
thanks to give pursuit to my problem 

This error ocurs when the aplication starts
moreover is in the next method
	  void __fastcall TVTK_Form::FormShow(TObject *Sender)
		  // These calls are made to enforce creation of the
		  // vtk components of the vtkBorlandRenderWindow.  If this
		  // not done, clicking on the component would attempt to
		  // window messages to non-existent entities.  This
		  // could be changed in future.
JUST in the next line, if debug, the program tries to run this line, but the
error ocurs
		  vtkRenderWindowInteractor * iact =

		  vtkRenderer* ren1 = vtkWindow1->GetRenderer();

Actually I'm building with static libs (lib's)

Oscar Gutiérrez Luna
Cubiculo: J4
Tel.: 73 271-55 ext. 49672

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     Hi Oscar,
     are you seeing this error when you try
     to quit the application? When does the
     error occur?  Debug MinSizeRel or Release
     modes should not make any difference.
     Are you building with shared (dll's) 
     or static libs ?: this will make a difference
     in how you have to end the Borland application.
     > Your tips was right, and finally compile & run 
     Project_vtkDemo, but
     > meanwhile I got another error, i'm trying to correct it but it is
     > persistent.
     > The error ocurs once I run Project_vtkDemo and said 
     something like
     > 'ERROR:.... trying to delete object with non-zero 
     reference count', I have
     > been reading in mail_list I'm not the only one with this problem
     > The PC has
     > WindowsXP Pro ServicePack2
     > VTK-5.0.3
     > CMAKE-2.4.6
     > Borland C++ Builder 5 (bcc 55)
     > I try changing CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE: MinSizeRel / Debug / Release
     >            and BUILD_SHARED_LIBS: On / Off
     > 		  doesn't work
     > Somebody can tell me, what's wrong
     > Oscar Gutiérrez Luna
     > CIMAT A. C.
     > Office: J4
     > Tel.: 73 271-55 ext. 49672

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