[vtkusers] Surface/3D-object construction with xyz point data ?

Jarno Ahma jarno.ahma at luukku.com
Mon Jul 2 05:07:46 EDT 2007

and thanks for the answer Sajendra.

I have tried vtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter before and tried it once again. For some reason I don't get correct output when I use it with contour filter to construct the surface (even if all points are in symmetric line). I was also wondering why surfacereconstructionfilter didn't take vtkPoints as input. If I understood correctly, the surfacereconstructionfilter just needs bucketful of points.

I tried delaunay3D for the same points and got them perfectly connected, but when I changed point positions so that they are randomly positioned close to the assumed 'cylinder' surface (like they would be in a real case) it ignores a lot of points. Maybe I can get the desired result with alpha-value, but I really hoped to get the result with reconstructionfilter.


Sajendra Nithiananthan wrote:
> Jarno,
> Depending on your dataset and what you want to do, you could try the
> SurfaceReconstructionFilter (
> http://vtk.org/doc/nightly/html/classvtkSurfaceReconstructionFilter.html )
> It's worked well for me for some datasets.  I think it doesn't
>  respect the
> positioning of the points and will create the reconstructed surface
>  at the
> origin.
> Hi,
> this question might be trivial for many VTK-users, but I'm not
>  familiar with
> VTK and I'm stuck with this. 
> Help would be appreciated greatly.
> I'm getting data in angle/radius form, which I convert to array of
> xyz-points. Basically, in testing, I generate these points and use
>  constant
> radius value, so points are scattered to cylinder-like surface.
>  Inside of
> that 'cylinder' there is another two with lower radius value.
> Question is, how do I use those points to create clean surface? And by
> 'clean' I mean that there is just connected points (until I smooth the
> surfaces with another filter). I also need both 'cylinder' ends to be
> filled, or that xyz-data to be constructed to some sort of object,
>  because
> final 3D-model will have 3 objects inside each other (3 actors) and best
> result could be gained with boolean operation or combining outer and
>  inner
> surfaces (including both ends).
> I am using VTK 5.0.1 with C# (WIN 2000/XP) but C++/python/tcl/other
>  examples
> will do if provided.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Jarno

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