[vtkusers] Need help urgently. Stereo 3D page flipping doesnt work -> SetStereoTypeToCrystalEyes()

Marc Meidinger marc.meidinger at pps-ag.ch
Mon Dec 17 05:47:47 EST 2007

Dear developpers
I'm stuck in a project having big problems to get the Stereo3D (page
flipping) working. Need your help. I'm developping a stereographic
application. For displaying the models I have bought the eMagnin Z800 (which
supports page flipping input). Page flipping means that the window output is
alternating between left and right eye. 
As I read I must use the SetStereoTypeToCrystalEyes() function to activate
page flipping (even if i dont have the crytal eyes), but it doesnt work. I
can only see the model as usual, no stereo 3D.
But when I set the stereo type to anaglyph mode, the model is displayed
correctly for each eye (in red and cyan).
Is there a problem with the SetStereoTypeToCrystalEyes() function or is my
code implementation bad? Is there even an other function to use to activate
page flipping?
I've tried it in C++ and Java but it didnt do the page flipping.
System specs:
VTK Version 5.0.3
OS: Win XP
Implementation Language: Java
Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 6600 (Stereo 3D capable)
I would be very glad to get any help. Or maybe someone of you has already
implemented something like this... anything would be great!

Best Regards
Marc Meidinger
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