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.ui-files need to be treated by the uic3.exe or uic.exe, not the

I am not familiar with Qt3.2, since I am using Qt4.

When processing ui-files, "ui_classname"-files are generated. They
probably contain your missing "Form1".


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Having trouble getting vtk/qt examples to compile. I am getting a number
of error messages mostly along the lines of: 
1. "....GUI\Qt\SimpleView\uiSimpleView3.ui(233): error C2501: 'Index' :
missing storage-class or type specifiers" 
2. "....GUI\Qt\SimpleView\uiSimpleView3.ui(41): error C2332: 'class' :
missing tag name"
In general the *.ui file is making the compiler very angry.

For the GUI\Qt\Events, I am getting a number of errors based around not
knowing what "Form1" is: 
1. "....GUI\Qt\Events\main.cxx(36): error C2065: 'Form1' : undeclared

Any thoughts? I really appreciate the help.

CMake 2.4  QT 3.2   VTK 5.0   MSVS 7

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