[vtkusers] Error compiling VTK-5.1 from cvs on Redhat Enterprise 3

McCoy j.mccoy at gmx.de
Thu Dec 13 04:31:21 EST 2007

Hi All,

I have here an i686 computer with fedora linux and a 64-Bit dual processor
workstation with Redhat Enterprise 3. i downloaded the VTK-5.1 source
from cvs yesterday (12/12/07) and tried to build it with cmake
(2.4.3) on both computers. on the fedora system everything worked
fine, on the redhat system i get an error while building
vtkDataObjectGenerator.o. it reads:
  vtkObjectGenerator.cxx: In member function >>void
    vtkObjectGenerator::MakePolyData(vtkDaaSet*)<< :
the rest of the error message is in german, but it seems as if the
compiler can't find an correct overloaded function for
   vtkPolyData::InsertNextCell(VTKCellType, int, int[3]).

especially i'm wondering why the same source works fine on the fedora
system and fails when using redhat. has anyone an idea where my
problem could be? any help would be gladly appreciated...


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