[vtkusers] Slicing 3D graphical model

Hala ALBakour haloul02 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 4 02:18:29 EST 2007

I am very new to 3D modelling and vtk, Actually just
looking around to find out if vtk would solve my
problem, I am wondering if vtk helps to extract 2D
slice data (2D image x,y coordinates) from a 3D
computer graphical model, originally the 3D model is
imported from a standard file format like 3DS, so in
any case I need a plugin which helps importing such
file and convert it to vtk data structure,

Most importantly, does vtk data structure encapsulate
x,y,z coordinates, is it possible to extract x,y
values at certain cut offs of z for example, what is
the most appropriate rendering mechanism/data
structure in vtk that supports this, 

Would it be easier in this case to use other low
levels tools like OpenGL,

Your help is highly appreciated,
Please advise,


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