[vtkusers] Re: Starting vtk.exe with a link on Windows

Roger Blum roger_blum at swissonline.ch
Tue Jun 27 20:15:43 EDT 2006

Hi Goodwin,

Thanks for your answer.

> wish is an win32 app with a tk console. wish has an extra command "console 
> show"... add it to the top of your tcl script and wish will behave as 
> vtk.exe does.

I would prefer vtk.exe would behave as wish.exe :-)
I do not want the blank window, as it is not a console in fact (no prompt,
no possibility to enter commands) so console show/hide doesn't work.

I found that opening the tcl file from the Windows Explorer by "open with 
and then selecting vtk.exe doesn't show this blank window. So it seems 
to be a Windows related problem (executing a program from a link seems
to be different from executing it with "open with ...").

> The sort of thing you're looking for is here: 
> http://www.bioengineering-research.com/vtk/vtkit.htm
> Its a single file executable, called VTKit, that runs vtk tcl scripts 
> (with a wish console that can be hidden- "console hide")
> I have a version based on TclTk 8.4.13 and VTK5.0 that I'll upload (to the 
> page above) when I've tested it out.
This really looks like what I need to deploy my application. I need some
vtk functions from version 5.0, so I will wait for the upload.

Thanks again,

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