[vtkusers] Legacy VTK Format-II

Kush Tandon kush at coas.oregonstate.edu
Tue Jun 27 19:58:15 EDT 2006

Hi Chad,

Thanks for your feedback and looking at my file. They are some other  
mistakes too, I just noticed. I am working on it.

I'll let the user's group know.



> It looks like your VTK header is wrong, and that's why ParaView is  
> not detecting the file as a VTK file and why it's crashing when you  
> try to use that reader. The header should look more like this:
> # vtk DataFile Version 2.0
> unstructured_grid example
> ccg
> On Jun 27, 2006, at 6:04 PM, Kush Tandon wrote:
>> Hi Amy and others,
>> I made a very simple tutorial like legacy VTK format file for an  
>> unstructured grid. Please find it attached.  Our final goal is to  
>> get unstructured, tetrahedron grids with time varying scalars and  
>> vectors. I used file_format.pdf as guide.
>> When I try to read it using "Legacy Files Reader", the program  
>> ParaView crashes on me. Please advise. It is a small file and if  
>> one of you could look where it could be wrong.
>> Thanks for your consideration.
>> Cheers,
>> Kush
>> <valid1.vtk>

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