[vtkusers] Newbie doesn't know C++

Bailleul Jonathan jonathan.bailleul at utc.fr
Sat Jun 24 16:58:28 EDT 2006


Do you need C++ to compile VTK from source, and then get Marching Cubes and
Decimation patented algorithms (the 2 you need most for your purposes)?

You might know it already, but one can write and run workable VTK programs just
in TCL or Python (since they are wrapped to C++ by VTK.

Best regards,

Selon david west <west at pxlgraf.com>:

> I am a Maya instructor who is interested in learning VTK, primarily as a way
> of getting medical data converted into a model that you can use in Maya. My
> problem in getting started is C++. What program, or type of program to I need
> to have running in order to use CMake to build VTK.? I've seen Visual Studio
> mentioned, but there seem to be many versions. It also seems that some of
> these programs are expensive, so I'm also hoping to avoid that as much as I
> can.
>                   thanks
>                           pxlgraf


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