"TestBigEndian failed" while configuring VTK with Visual Studio 8 (was: Re: [vtkusers] I am realy need your help)

Obada Mahdi omahdi at gmx.de
Thu Jun 15 22:14:01 EDT 2006


I am sending a follow-up to this thread because it is one of the first
places I wound up searching the mailing list for the same problem.

shifeng.s wrote:
>  I am using vtk5.0+cmake2.2+vc8.0.When I  configured the VTK build 
> system,there is a cmake error like this:TestBigEndian Failed to run with 
> output:Exit code Oxc0000135 .
> And when I build the All_build.dsw file there were errors like below:
> c:\vtk\common\vtkType.h(144) : fatal error C1189: #error :  "No native 
> data type can represent an 8-bit integer."
> vtkAVIWriter.cxx
> [...]
[full text at

There is a CMake bug entry (bug #2617) at
that deals with the "TestBigEndian failed" issue and has suggestions how
to fix it.

I have added a comment describing what seems to be causing the trouble
in my case, which would be building on a FAT32 file system; in such
cases, I would first suggest to try putting the build directory onto a
NTFS partition and see if the problem goes away.



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