[vtkusers] problem for build VTK and TCL/TK at Windows

Lin, Lan llin at ctrc.net
Fri Jun 9 12:30:29 EDT 2006

Hi all,

       I am successful to build the VTK without VTK_WRAP_TCL on using
Cmake. But When I turn VTK_WRAP_TCL on, the error message pops up and
says that Cmake error: empty include directory passed into
INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES COMMAND. I checked the tcl_include_path ,
tcl_library_path, tk_include_path, tk_library_path setting in Cmake. The
settings look good.

       Any response and help will be greatly appreciated


<Here is a snippet from CMakeCache.txt>

//What is the path where the file tcl.h can be found



//Where can one of the tcl, tcl84, tcl8.4, tcl83, tcl8.3, tcl82,

// tcl8.2, tcl80 or tcl8.0 libraries be found



//Path to a program.



//What is the path where the file tk.h can be found



//What is the path where the file tkWinInt.h can be found



//Where can one of the tk, tk84, tk8.4, tk83, tk8.3, tk82, tk8.2,

// tk80 or tk8.0 libraries be found



//What is the path where the file X11/Xlib.h can be found



//Value Computed by CMake



//Value Computed by CMake



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