[vtkusers] Re: Version 5 chm documentation

Goodwin Lawlor goodwin.lawlor at ucd.ie
Thu Jun 8 08:26:56 EDT 2006

Paul Tait - OPES wrote:
> I'm trying to produce my own winhelp "chm" file for V5. Latest source code
> bundle and latest Cmake but I fail looking ofr latex and dvips. These are in
> cygwin but not configured by Cmake. I'm really missing the index and search
> functions. If Kitware are worried about bandwidth how about torrent ?

Hi Paul,

I find the chm docs very handy for searching too... I uploaded 
vtk5.0.chm recently to sourceforge. Its here:


If anyone is interested I'll upload the tarball too.

I've installed MikTeX and have its binaries directory in my path. Cmake 
didn't query the location of latex for me either... try putting the 
cygwin latex directory in your path.

I had a bug tracker request since 4.2 for chm docs- no luck. VTK has its 
own sourceforge project where the last chm (v4.2) was located. This 
would be a better place for the latest docs with a link on the vtk.org 
website... just my 2 pingin.



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