[vtkusers] change coords of a point in a Polydata

Daniele danno75 at tin.it
Wed Jun 7 17:07:03 EDT 2006

Hi all,
I've a Polydata (passed under triangle filter) in which I must change
the coordinates of only a point.
If I'll set the new coordinates with

polydata->GetPoints()->SetPoint(pointID , newcoordinates);

the "new" polydata is not how I think. For example if I've a square with
9 points, and I try
to set the coordinates of the center point  I'm expecting a new polydata
like a pyramid without the base;
the new polydata instead has the base, even if the total number of
points and polys are equal before the modification.
I try to use vtkCleanPolyData but it crashes. Any ideas?



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