[vtkusers] Re: OSX 10.4 Headless 64-bit build

jonathan grimm flymolo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 17:12:47 EDT 2006

OK, I've got a build.  I could probably do things better and cleaner,
and my app still isn't running but I'm posting this for feedback.
Things I had to change:

in vtkType.h

# if defined(VTK_SIZEOF_LONG) && VTK_SIZEOF_LONG == 8 && 0
I had to remove the && 0 on this line to use 64 bit ids.  Does anybody
know why it is here?

in vtkMultiThreader.h
removed Carbon include
hardcoded processors to 2

changed Utilities/CMakeLists.txt to only compile freetype if rendering
was enabled
changed Main CmakeLists.txt to not link framework:appKit

I can't build testing .... it links to freetype.

In addition I built Parallel:
I had to make these changes:
    don't build vtkCompositeRenderManager
    don't build vtkParallelRenderManager
    in vtkPipelineSize.h and .cxx comment out this function:
         unsigned long GetNumberOfSubPieces(unsigned long memoryLimit,
                                     vtkPolyDataMapper *mapper);
    don't link vtkRendering vtkIO
    instead link vtkGraphics vtkImaging vtkIO

Any comments on how to do this better would be appreciated.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the dancer from the dance - Corwin in CoC

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