[vtkusers] Re: VTK CVS not building on OSX 10.4 intel, shared, carbon, python2.4 wrapping, -fast, Undefined Symbols at linking Graphics

Dan White dan at chalkie.org.uk
Tue Jun 6 04:37:21 EDT 2006

Hi Glen, see below,

> Hi,
> Todays CVS does not seem to build on OSX 10.4
>  MacBook Pro 2GHz Intel core duo
> Cmake ccmake . 2.4 patch2 universal binary
> Shared  libs On
> Python wrapping to universal build of python2.4 ON
> MinSizeRel build
> Native OSX Carbon, not X11 or cocoa
> Same problem with both gcc and intel compilers (different VTK CVS  
> source tree directories,
> one for gcc one for intel, same ccmake . settings apart from choice  
> of compiler)
> (processor making intel and gcc compiler builds at same time,  
> running at 75 oC ouch! Normally 63 oC)
> Both compliers fail at the linking of Graphics
> with  the same set of  Undefined symbols,
> of which there are many, see below
> Is there a problem with CVS for OSX at present, or is it me....?
> On the VTK quality dashboards I see no darwin/OSX carbon builds,  
> only cocoa builds being submitted
>  (which seems odd since  carbon is the best interface for OSX? right?)
> Why no OSX carbon dashboard?
> Any clues anyone?
> cheers
> Dan

Hi again all,

Today I used the todays cvs version of cmake build fresh (I like the  
new colours in the output!),
as suggested to me by Glen Lehmann at atami.com

new CVS today build of ccmake
new CVS tree of VTK
gcc compilers  -fast
python on (python2.4 universal)
shared on
carbon on , cocoa off, x11 off

and I still get the many many undefined symbols when linking  
Graphics, as i did with Cmake 2.4 patch 2

Is anyone doing nightly builds of VTK on OSX 10.4 on an intel powered  
I see none on the dashboards...?
Also why no carbon builds on thee dashboards? The machines are in the  
list, but no results submitted?

Does anyone  have any more ideas why I'm getting undefined symbols in  


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Bioimaging Coordinator
Nanoscience Centre and Department of Biological and Environmental  
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