[vtkusers] VTK + Java + Swing components

David Neto idavidfr at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 5 07:44:42 EDT 2006

Hi everyone
First of all, I apologize for the mistakes I will make in this mail,  
English is not my mother tongue ! Yes, I'm French !
So, I have to develop a application using VTK and Java on Mac OS X.4.  
And I have to develop a entire interface with menu, JTable, ...
My problem is that I want a single-window interface, i.e. my window  
render in the same window that I use to show my menus and JTable.
I tried vtkCanvas, vtkPanel but both create a new window. And a odd  
thing is when I do the interaction, like zoom or rotation on the  
place the vtkCanvas or the vtkPanel should be, is reflected on the  
Does anyone have the solution to have the render and Swing components  
in the same frame ?
Thanks a lot !

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