[vtkusers] Inquiry due to non-availability of users manual

Samuel Barnes ironictoo at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 2 08:38:47 EDT 2006

For creating a sphere look here:
Click on the example link, and/or the test link for examples on how to use it.  For  writing tiff files of what is on the screen look here:

To find examples look through the above documentation for a function that sounds like it does what you want and then look at the example or tests associated with that.  Just to give you a heads up the best way to move and change to colors of the sphere is to the set color and origin properties of the actor that you map it to.

Bernhard Peters <bernhard.peters at utanet.at> wrote: Dear Sirs,

I find VTK extremly helpful for my applications. However, since the 
User's Manula is not available currently, I have some problems to get to 
my application. However, I am sure that this is done already somewhere: 
I would like to display spheres e.g. gemetrical primitives from your 
library in 3D with the surface colour of the spheres representing a 
scalar value such as temperature. The image I want to dump as eps or 
tiff etc. Please could someone indicate me to a news group or any other 
helpful location, where I could find a similar example as a piece of 
code or anything else, that is already close to my requirements.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

Yours sincerely

Bernhard Peters

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