[vtkusers] Application crashing on RHL dual processor machine

Nick Ashby ashby.nick at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 11:30:41 EDT 2006

Hi All,
                I am new to VTK. I am looking into a vtk+java application
written by my predecessor.

-- The application runs fine on RHL single processor machine
-- Crashes after sometime when executed in RHL dual processor machine.
-- The VTK binaries used are those built on single processor linux machine.
Could this be the cause?
-- The usual point of crash reads

Current Java thread:
        at vtk.vtkCell.GetPoints_11(Native Method)
        at vtk.vtkCell.GetPoints(vtkCell.java:55)

Current Java thread:
        at vtk.vtkDataObject.Update_22(Native Method)
        at vtk.vtkDataObject.Update(vtkDataObject.java:99)

Can anybody explain me the behaviour of VTK under multi-processors?

I have seen similar queries in the list but could not find any leads. Please

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