[vtkusers] A question about the SetExecutionMethod of the vtkProgrammableSource class

Cem DEMiRKIR cdemirkir at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 10:35:35 EDT 2006

Dear Commnunity Members,
    I've implemented a new Reader function and registered it with the
SetExecutionMethod of the vtkProgrammableSoyrce class.
But Reader function is not executed till the camera is reset. As given in
the following lines
// Read some points. Use a programmable filter to read them.

vtkProgrammableSource* pointSource = vtkProgrammableSource::New();

readerArgs* argsReader = new readerArgs;

argsReader->pointSource = pointSource;

//argsReader->fileName = "G:\\VTK\\VTKData\\Data\\cactus.3337.pts";

argsReader->fileName = "G:\\Data\\3D\\Temp\\FRGCSpring2004\\04701d153.abs";

pointSource->SetExecuteMethod( ReadPoints, (void*) argsReader );

// Create a polydata with the points we just created.

vtkPolyData* profile = pointSource->GetPolyDataOutput();

I expect that the ReadPoints function be executed when the
pointSource->GetPolyDataOutput() method is called. But it isn't call till
the camera is reset by the renderer.

If I'm wrong with the execution of the ReadPoints function, How can I call
it ? If not, What can be wrong with this settings ?





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