[vtkusers] Does having a graphics card help?

Robert Belleman robbel at science.uva.nl
Wed Jul 26 02:55:45 EDT 2006

It may be good to know that an important difference
between Quadro and GeForce on Linux is that only
Quadros support stereo visuals (in particular frame-
sequential stereo mode as used with active shutter

-- Rob

fred wrote:

>Michael Rice a écrit :
>>Beware of ATI cards if you're running Linux. We've seen some ATI  cards
>>that cause VTK apps to crash when using the ATI graphics  driver. We
>>have not had any problems with nVidia.
>I confirm too.
>By the past, I had have 2 ATI (old, yes ;-) GPU, 9250 & 9800 Pro ; they
>had problem
>rendering some surfaces with OpenGl.
>For nvidia, you have 2 kinds of GPU : for professionnal & OpenGl (Quadro
>Fx) and... for gamers
>(GeForce  6xx & 7xx) & DirectX.  GeForce are cheaper than Quadro Fx, of
>But the GeForce GPU work very fine with OpenGl under Linux too.
>ATI & nvidia GPU can work with 2 cards on your mobo (CrossFire for ATI
>and SLI for nvidia).
>(I have not yet benched my SLI GPU with VTK).

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