[vtkusers] Does having a graphics card help?

Michael Rice marice at knology.net
Wed Jul 26 00:13:41 EDT 2006


Beware of ATI cards if you're running Linux. We've seen some ATI  
cards that cause VTK apps to crash when using the ATI graphics  
driver. We have not had any problems with nVidia.


On Jul 25, 2006, at 7:43 PM, Paul Tait - OPES wrote:

> VTK uses OpenGL and in general the Nvidia drivers under windows are  
> thought to be superior. I have used mid range cards quite  
> successfully for the last 2 years and have only upgraded recently  
> to an expensive card as we needed to have true 3D capabilities
> Paul Tait
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> Hi everyone,
> I dont have a dedicated graphics card (its built into my  
> motherboard, so only 64MB i think). My renderings run very slowly.  
> Would buying  a dedicated graphics card (such as NVIDIA GeForce)  
> speed things up? Any suggestions as to how much memory I need on my  
> graphics card, or what kind I should go and buy?
> Thanks
> -- 
> Rashed
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