[vtkusers] HELP! LookupTable

Amy Squillacote amy.squillacote at kitware.com
Fri Jul 14 08:41:27 EDT 2006

Hi Ali,

You don't have to have the name of the lookup table. However, you can't 
access the GetColor method from Tcl; try using GetTableValue instead. Do 
something like the following.

[reader GetLookupTable] GetTableValue 180

- Amy

Ali Calvert wrote:
> Hi, sorry if its a stupid question but I have the following bit of code:
> vtkImageMapToColors map
>  map SetInputConnection [reader GetOutputPort]
>  map SetLookupTable [reader GetLookupTable]
>  map SetOutputFormatToRGBA
> I want to be able to find a colour at say index 180 so I could use the 
> GetColor method from vtkLookupTable.
> However, the problem i am having is that the lookuptable has no name 
> therefore i cannot call the GetColor method.
> Driving me a bit mad!
> I would appreciate any help at all.
> Thanks to all.
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