[vtkusers] CMake hangs when installing vtk 5.0.1.

Dongqing Chen dqchen at cvip.louisville.edu
Thu Jul 13 21:14:42 EDT 2006

Dear All:

   First, thanks for David's replying.

   During the past two days, my CMake 2.4 was stuck serveral time when 
checking support for c++ explicit template instantiation through the 
configuration procedure.

   Any one can give some hints on this?

Best Wishes,
Dongqing Chen
Ph.D Research Assistant
Rm. 07, Paul C. Lutz Hall
Computer Vision & Image Processing (CVIP) Lab
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Speed School of Engineering
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY. 40292
Email: dqchen at cvip.louisville.edu
Phone:+1-502-852-2789 (Lab)
            +1-502-852-6130 (Office)

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> From: "David Cole" <david.cole at kitware.com>
> To: "Dongqing Chen" <dqchen at cairo.spd.louisville.edu>
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> Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 4:36 AM
> Subject: Re: failure report for installing vtk 5.0.1.
>> No problem. Thanks for the extra data. One more question:
>> You said "The CMake error appeared as: Erroe adding durle for 
>> c:/VTK5.0/vtk-5.0.1/CMakelists.txt after configuration procedure"...
>> What is the specific error text that CMake first presents you with?
>> You cannot expect to ignore/cancel from CMake configuration errors and 
>> then have a flawless build. CMake should be able to configure VTK without 
>> errors first, then we can move on to the next step of trying to build 
>> VTK...
>> - David

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