[vtkusers] how to fix to bug #3259?

Glen Lehmann glehmann at atamai.com
Thu Jul 13 12:03:27 EDT 2006

Hi Peter,

You can always have a look at the cvs log for GUI.ui:


The bug is fixed in v1.3, which is not in the VTK-5-0 branch.  So
you'll need to check out the latest version of VTK for this fix.



On 13/07/06, Peter J. Bismuti <pjb9508 at vashon.ca.boeing.com> wrote:
> I'm encountering bug #3259 on a linux platform.  The bug tracker is saying
> that it is fixed:
> I was wondering what is the easiest way to fix it.  Should I download V 5.0.0
> again and rebuild from scratch?  Thanks.
>  http://www.vtk.org/Bug/bug.php?op=show&bugid=3259&pos=23
> Building CXX object GUI/Qt/Events/CMakeFiles/qtevents.dir/GUI.o
> /builddir/build/BUILD/VTK/Examples/All/GUI/Qt/Events/GUI.cxx:24:24: error:
> qvtkwidget.h: No such file or directory
> Fixed
> VTK/Examples/GUI/Qt/Events/GUI.ui revision 1.3
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