[vtkusers] failure report for installing vtk 5.0.1.

Dongqing Chen dqchen at cvip.louisville.edu
Wed Jul 12 22:33:35 EDT 2006

Dear All:

  Sorry for unclear description of my problem.

  Yes, The CMake 2.4 hung couples times and did not finish when I used it 
 to configure vtk 5.0.1.

  The environment on my computer: Windows XP, VC++ 6.0, VTK 5.0.1 and CMake

  The main steps which I followed (same as when installing vtk 5.0.0) are
 listed as given below:
 1. download installer for win32 (vtk-5.0.1-win32.exe),
 source(vtk-5.0.1.zip), data(vtkdata-5.0.1.zip);
 2. Run and install vtk-5.0.1-win32.exe into C:\vtk5.0
 3. Unzip source archieve into C:\vtk5.0\vtk-5.0.1
 4. Unzip data archieve into C:\vtk5.0\vtkdata-5.0.1
 5. run CMake 2.4, and set the source code path: C:\vtk5.0\vtk-5.0.1, and
 the path for build the binaries: C:\vtk5.0\bin
 6. For cache values: set BUILD_EXAMPLES: on, BUILD_SHARED_LIBS: on,
 CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX: C:\vtk5.0, VTK_DATA_ROOT: C:\vtk5.0\vtkdata-5.0.1
 7. leave all others as they are

  The CMake error appeared as: Erroe adding durle for c:/VTK5.0/vtk-5.0.1/CMakelists.txt after configuration procedure,  if  I
 press cancel to suppress any further messages, then building ALL_BUILD_classes using VC++ 6.0 would fail . The
 vtkWin32OutputWindowProcessEncoded.c generated some link errors with error LNK 2001: unresolved external symbol.

  Sometimes, the configure procedure stops at different locations, for example: checking support for c++ explicit template instantiation.

  The  CMakeCache.txt  is attached for your reference.

Best Wishes,
Dongqing Chen
Ph.D Research Assistant
Rm. 07, Paul C. Lutz Hall
Computer Vision & Image Processing (CVIP) Lab
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Speed School of Engineering
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY. 40292
Email: dqchen at cvip.louisville.edu
Phone:+1-502-852-2789 (Lab)
            +1-502-852-6130 (Office)

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> Subject: Re: [vtkusers] help on install vtk 5.0.1.
> Are you saying that CMake hangs and does not finish when trying to
> configure vtk 5.0.1?
> Is this on Windows or Linux or Mac?
> At what point does it hang? (What's the last "correct" thing that it does
> before it hangs?)
> What CMake version / settings are you using?
> Can you reply and attach the CMakeCache.txt file from your attempt?
> Give more details with a specific question and somebody might be able to
> help you get to the next step...
> - David
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