[vtkusers] help on install vtk 5.0.1.

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Wed Jul 12 08:46:29 EDT 2006

Are you saying that CMake hangs and does not finish when trying to 
configure vtk 5.0.1?

Is this on Windows or Linux or Mac?
At what point does it hang? (What's the last "correct" thing that it 
does before it hangs?)
What CMake version / settings are you using?
Can you reply and attach the CMakeCache.txt file from your attempt?

Give more details with a specific question and somebody might be able to 
help you get to the next step...

- David

Dongqing Chen wrote:

> Dear All:
>    Some problems happened when I try to install the lastest vtk 5.0.1 
> on my new desktop. The problem is that the configure procedure is 
> always stuck somewhere when using CMake. Before when I installed vtk 
> 5.0.0, the installation procedure was very smooth. What I did was to 
> follow a file, which was found on the website to show how to install 
> vtk 5.0.0. I know that there should be something wrong. Who has the 
> experince on install vtk 5.0.1 to share with me?  Any hint is really 
> appreciated.
> Best Wishes,
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