[vtkusers] Help on displaying Volume Slice from Dicom Series.. :-(

Michele Alletto michele.alletto at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 09:03:20 EDT 2006

Hi all! I need to render in 3d scene image slice from dicom volume.
I have two questions.

ITK: I read a dicom series and save volume into vtkfile like structured
points, unsigned short, etc. OK!

1) vtkStructuredPointsReader->vtkImageReslice->vtkImageViewer       OK..
seems to work fine..
but the renderer display a bad image..
Can I solve this using vtkLookupTable->vtkImageMapToColors?

2) to render image slice in 3d scene I use vtkImageCast (from unsigned short
to unsigned char) -> vtkImageActor
but the image gets worse.. http://www.okprivacy.com/imageChar.jpg

So, has anyone tips, ideas, comments, on how to correct these images??

Thank's in advance

Michele Alletto
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