[vtkusers] PNG performance

Tim Thornton tt at smartcomsoftware.com
Thu Aug 31 08:19:04 EDT 2006


We're using VTK 4.2.2 within Windows .Net.

Amongst other data sets, we have a stack of images in the z plane, and
render the image within VTK, with a user defined level of transparency.


We have been using JPEG images, but now we are changing to PNG so that we
can use the transparency features of the PNG format. However performance is
significantly slower than with the JPEGs. Has anyone else noticed this? Is
there any way of working round this, or has it been fixed in a later release
of VTK?


The vtk route we follow is pretty straightforward:

VtkPngReader -> vtkImageData

vtkImageData is configured using SetDimensions, SetOrigin and SetSpacing

This then goes into a vtkDataSetMapper, and then vtkLodActor

Then we use SetOpacity on the vtkLodActor



Tim Thornton

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