[vtkusers] Structured Grid Blanking with Function Data

Elizabeth Nitao enitao at craft-tech.com
Fri Aug 18 22:18:06 EDT 2006

Try the following:
Create a vtkStructuredGrid for your grid points and a vtkFloatArray for 
your scalars.
Use the grid's SetScalars method to add the scalars to your grid. 
([structuredgrid GetPointData] SetScalars scalars)
Create a vtkBlankStructuredGrid and then use the SetInput method. 
(blankgrid SetInput structuredgrid)
Then set the min/max blanking value.
Hope this helps!


John L. Papp wrote:
> How do I plot a grid that is both blanked and contains function data?  
> I've seen examples using the plot3D loader but I am not using the 
> plot3D loader.  I've also seen examples of creating an 
> BlankedStructuredGrid type to create a blanked grid from structured 
> data points.  However, I haven't seen anything explaining how to add a 
> scalar to a blanked structured grid type and plot that scalar.
> Thanks in advance,
> John
> jpapp at craft-tech.com

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